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Released games


A single-player sci-fi RTS with a focus on

base building and advanced tactics.


Humanity is in peril.

The first colonization attempt of mankind has

failed and the colonist crew is missing.

The leaders of the United Earth decide to

send a highly trained specialist squad to

planet Meridian, tasked with finding the crew

and bringing them home safely.

Release date: August, 2016


Warp into action with Solar Shifter EX!


Solar Shifter EX is a sci-fi shoot 'em up

with the unique ability to 'shift'.

Your ship has been outfitted with

a one-of-a-kind jump drive that lets you

warp out of tough situations at will.

In good old shmup fashion you will face

uncountable formations of enemies

that'll try to stop you.

Be clever and use your ship's jump drive

to your advantage or you will get shot.

Release date: September, 2015


An accomplished, old-school sci-fi RTS with RPG elements!


Slip into the role of Daniel Hanson, commander of the

first mission to a remote planet called Meridian.


Assured that the planet is uninhabited, the

unexpected reception of a distress call

from the surface could mean many things,

none of which you are prepared for.

Release date: April, 2014

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