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Game features

Game features

Dive into a sci-fi epic

Planet Eden is the new home mankind desperately needs. Lush, beautiful, and uninhabited, it could be the perfect escape

from a polluted, overcrowded Earth.


But something’s happened to the first settlement, and a task force from Earth has come

to find out what. As Lieutenant Nora Harwood,

it’s up to you to secure the colonization project, confront the real enemy, and uncover

the ancient mystery of Eden itself.

Engage in tactical combat

Deploy forcefields as dynamic covers and use the environment against your foes!

Send in your trusty robot ally as a diversion, or have her upgrade your equipment on-the-fly!

Explore Eden's beautiful vistas

Immerse yourself in an alien world filled with wonder and peril.

Explore lush forests, arid wastelands and swamps teeming with strange new life. Descend into the planet's depths to find the secrets of a long-forgotten civilization.

Master the Zeus hoverbike

Use your hoverbike to engage in high-speed vehicular warfare!

Avoid the relentless enemy gunship as it hunts you down. And when it does find you… be prepared to drive as fast as you can!

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